Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shut Down Vista with key Board

Do you remember friends, In indows XP it was a handy game to shut down the system by pressing Windows key with U twice... In Vista, however, it is complicated than ever even when you want to shut down using mouse cursor. What if you can shut down the vista using keyboard only??????
Ya!!!! its simple....
Just press windows key and then right arrow key thrice and hit the Enter key...
Wow!!! Your system is going to be shut down.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NTLDR Missing

I have Windows XP installed on my system.
Now when I start my Computer it display the error message:
NTLDR is Missing
Press any key to restart
How can I start the system without reinstalling the OS????
The question is asked by Rajdeep Sharma, Bettiah, Bihar
It is the common error messege user get and the system haults. This messege displayed when computer is restarted and there are many remedies for it, depending upon the very cause. Many a times, however, the problem is due to curropt or missing NTLDR and files.
In this case most of the time they have to format and/or reinstall the Windows XP software, but we have some more options to try...
  • Boot your system with Windows XP bootable cd and press 'R' at Windows XP Setup Menu to repair window.
  • Log on to the system as Administrator by pressing 1 and provide the password when asked.
  • At command prompt write the command to copy the files as follows:
copy g:\i386\ntldr c:\ /-Y
copy g:\i386\ c:\ /-Y

(Assuming that CD ROM drive letter is 'G' and system drive is 'C', make changes if necessary)

  • Type the following command, and then press ENTER:
bootcfg /rebuild
Follow the remaining steps to add your Windows XP installation to the boot.ini file.
The first prompt asks Add installation to boot list? (Yes/No/All).
Type Y in response to this question and press Enter.
The next prompt asks you to Enter Load Identifier:.
This is the name of the operating system. type Windows XP Professional and press Enter.
The final prompt asks you to Enter OS Load options:.
Type /Fastdetect here and press Enter.
restart the system.
              If it doesn't get you back then try
Restart the system without CD.
I hope the system is working now


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