Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Use Power Button Under Start menu to Shut Down the system

Use Power Button under Start Menu to Shut Down the System instead of sleeping mode
In Windows Vista when you press power button under Start Menu the system goes to sleep mode instead of Shut Down. Microsoft configured the power button under Start Menu to go into Sleep Mode by default instead turning off your PC. To shut down the PC you need to do more effoert than only clicking on Power Button under Start Menu.
But if you want to change the Power Buttton to Shut Down your pc then there is a solution and beleive, it is so simple:
1. Open the Control Panel and click on Power Options or Click on Power Icon on System pane at right side and click on More Power Option.

2. Select the Power Plan that you want to use and click on Change plan settings.

3. Click on Change advanced power settings, double click on Power buttons and lid.

4. Double click on Start menu power button and change the setting to Shutdown.
5. Click on OK. Now use the Power Button under Start Menu to Shut Down the System.

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